Max Schnürer

My name is Maximilian Edmund Josef Schnürer and I was born in the beautiful South of Germany in the early 90s. For as long as I can remember, I've been dreaming of leading a full and creative life. You know, shoving a couple of pixels across the screen, sketching quirky pencil drawings, and jamming with the guitar a little in the meantime. I attended the College of Further Education for design in Straubing before going on to study Graphic Design & Advertising at Vienna's University of Applied Arts, honing my skills as a designer. After working for a few studios in Vienna I moved to Berlin to work at Scholz & Friends. At present I’m working for a few agencies and clients in Berlin and Vienna. But enough talk, you're here to see my work. If you want to work with me, let's get together over a cup of coffee and see what we can hash out!
1030 Vienna



Curriculum Vitae

2018 – CCA Award – Bronze Winner
2017 – Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna
2017 – Scholz and Friends, Berlin
2017 – Design Austria – Member
2017 – Art Directors Club – Award
2017 – visumate, Berlin
2016 – Scholz and Friends, Berlin
2016 – buero bauer, Vienna
2015 – Vangardist Magazine, Vienna
2014 – Teaching assistants at Klasse für Ideen
2014 – Young Lions Austria – Shortlist
2013 – Klasse für Ideen – Die Angewandte, Vienna
2013 – Higher education entrance
2012 – Advanced technical certificate in design
2011 – Bayerischer Fernseh Gipfelpreis
2009 – Ordinary-level in economics
1992 – Established somewhere in a Bavarian village

Exhibitions & Screenings

2017 – What matters now, Tokyo – Vienna
2016 – Screening: Schikaneder Kino, Vienna
2016 – The Essence: University of Applied Arts Vienna
2015 – Prints for refugees, Vienna
2015 – Lost: the story of refugees – touring exhibition
2015 – Aging Population, Tokyo
2012 – Warehouse 61, Passau
2012 – Monopol Kino, Munich
2012 – 27. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfest, Munich
2012 – 18. Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche, Ratisbon
2011 – Filmgipfel BR, Oberndorf

Selected References

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Amnesty International
toom Baumarkt
Berliner Kindl
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Design made in Austria
ORF Young Lions
The Plus Paper
Der Standard
Lost: the story of refugees