#WieWählenSie? (How do you vote?) was a campaign for the election of the Austrian Federal President. In this second ballot there was the choice between the independent candidat Alexander Van der Bellen and the right wing populist Norbert Hofer. In video interviews we talked to Austrian musicians, actors, intellectuals and opinion leaders. We asked them about how they would vote (not which candidate or party they prefer), the  momentousness of the European Union and the importance of the right to vote. The interviewed shared the videos on social networks. They were viewed over a million times.

Lars Schrage
Doris Lang
Franzsika Tschinderle
Martin Valentin Fuchs
Christoph Liebentritt
Felipe Kolm
Christoph Schütz
Max Schnürer


Christoph Liebentritt
Martin Valentin Fuchs

Christine Nöstlinger
Conchita Wurst
Manuel Rubey
Hubert von Goisern
Harald Krassnitzer
Adele Neuhauser
and more